Nancy Nevils, Massachusetts Special Education Reporter Commentator

Nancy Nevils Our reporter covering Massachusetts special education issues is greatly enhanced by the expert commentary of Nancy Nevils, a partner at Stoneman, Chandler & Miller LLP, who focuses on the field of education law. Her expertise includes special education, student discipline, and all other school-related matters.
Ms. Nevils is a cum laude graduate of Suffolk University Law School where she served as both an author and editor for the Transnational Law Journal. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior and Management from Brown University, Ms. Nevils was a law clerk to the administrative law judges of the U.S. Department of Labor in Boston before joining Stoneman, Chandler & Miller LLP.
Ms. Nevils has extensive experience authoring legal commentaries from the public school angle regarding Bureau of Special Education decisions and rulings that the Massachusetts Special Education Reporter publishes quarterly. In addition, Ms. Nevils has been active in presenting seminars for Lorman Education Services, the Massachusetts Administrators for Special Education, Medical Educational Services, Inc., Suffolk University Law School Juvenile Justice Center, and Massachusetts public schools. The focus areas discussed in these seminars have ranged from special education laws to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and student discipline.
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